Saturday, June 6, 2015

GTA5Base - THE SITE to share your mods

For my GTA V mods I'm using the site GTA5Base to release and host my mods, the biggest difference from other modding sites is that this site share the earnings with the uploader and with people who promote the mods via Youtube videos ;)

When uploading a mod to GTA5Base you will obtain a link for survey/donation download where user should fill a survey or donate to download the mod, and you also will have access to a free link where no surveys/donation are asked and user can direct download the file.

When sharing your mod you can provide both links, this way the users that want show some appreciation for your hard work can fill a survey or donate using the main link, and the users that can't or don't want contribute can still download via the free link, everybody wins.Only modders know how hard is make a mod, receive some money in exchange of our hard work is the best way to help us continue evolving and making new stuff.

Other interesting fact about GTA5Base is that Youtubers can earn money too, if you promote a mod from GTA5Base you will receive 50% of the earnings in result of downloads with your unique promote link.

The site is completely reliable, they pay without any issues, those are some examples of payments i received recently:

The amount paid is based on number of paid downloads:

0,20$ PER 1 DOWNLOAD (from 1 to 1000 downloads)
0,30$ PER 1 DOWNLOAD (from 1000 to 10000 downloads)
0,50$ PER 1 DOWNLOAD (more than 10000 downloads)

So, if you are interested in share your mods and earn some money (without "hurt" anybody) with your hard work, join GTA5Base now.

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