Friday, October 21, 2016

[WIP] Superman script

This is the actual script under development, a Superman script mod :)

Features made so far:

-Fast run
-Resistance against bullets, fire, melee attacks and explosions
-Big mass (cause damage to vehicles that hit him)
-Bullets sparks instead of blood when hit
-Auto regenerate life
-Flight (need improvements in anims)
-Shoot laser from eyes causing fire and bursting tires
-Shoot laser blast from eyes causing a small heat explosion causing big damage and fire

To do:

-Wind blow attack
-Grab peds
-Lift vehicles and big objects
-Grab lamp poles and use as weapon
-Throw lifted/grabbed entities
-Special vision modes
-Special melee attacks
-Slow motion
-Enemy/ally feature

Short demo of actual powers:

The release date will be in two or three weeks, Patreons can have the mod earlier, 5~7 days before release, for more info about prerelease access, check my Patreon page.

Have any suggestions or opinions? Share in this facebook post :)


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